Feb 17 2014 rehearsalRehearsals are Mondays, from 7:00pm – 9:00pm, at Emerald Heights Retirement Center,

 10901 176th Circle NE, Redmond WA 98052

Our Winter Season runs September – early December.  Our Spring Season runs January – early June.

We welcome new members throughout the season. To learn more about our group, interested singers are welcome and encouraged to visit and observe our rehearsals.

While we are not officially affiliated with Emerald Heights Retirement Community, they have graciously allowed us use of the Corwin Center game room, for our weekly rehearsals.

Note: Just after turning onto 176th Circle NE, stop at the entrance gate and tell them you’re with the Lake Washington Singers.  They’ll give you a pass card for your car, which you will later drop into a drop box as you drive out.  They can give you directions to the Game Room at the Corwin Center where we rehearse.